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Hi there, if you want to learn something about me you can scroll down and read….

I was born in 2003 and now I’m 15 and a half. I’m in Bestepe High School and in 9th grade so I have 3 years more in this school. I studied for prep year last yearBut maybe it could be 2 years because I’m planning to study at university in England or Germany. If I would accepted by university I won’t study 12th grade in my school. If I have to tell about my favorite things, they would be;

  • Pet the animals (it doesn’t have to be a pet it can be also a tiger * )
  • Make short vlogs so I can watch them later and laugh or cry, it depens on my feeling.
  • Crying (my fav)

That’s all for now.

X see you next time. X